Cap’n Schmooze has moved

Because the Cap’n was dumb and didn’t create this as a sub-blog and is now tired of logging in to a different account. Still Same great cute animals. Follow that blog for new obsessions and approvals. 

<3 the cap’n

Cap’n Schmooze Obsession: Doxies

Cap’n Schmooze Approved: Harry Potter Pets

Cap’n Schmooze is tripping.

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Cap’n Schmooze Obsession: Puppy + Cheetah BFFs.

Cap’n Schmooze Approved: Raccoons!

Cap’n Schmooze Approved: Panda babies


nom nom nom


nom nom nom

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Cap&#8217;n Schmooze doesn&#8217;t even have a joke for this one.

Cap’n Schmooze doesn’t even have a joke for this one.

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Cap’n Schmooze is so over walking.

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